November 18,2016


Flavorus has been selling tickets and conducting online transactions for over a decade. We share our customers concern for the protection of their privacy and their personal information. Whether you are simply browsing our site, conducting basic transactions (as a customer or client), or being an involved participant in our content, social network, and marketing, we want you to know what information we are collecting, how we are gathering information, who we are sharing it with, and why. We’ve created this privacy policy to provide our customers, clients and anyone who has given us information through any use of our websites, phone system, and email newsletters a complete description of our practices and your options as a visitor to our site or as a user of our services.

This privacy policy applies to the practices of Flavorus. We work with a variety of third parties who may have their own privacy policies, and we encourage you to seek out information about their practices. Because our offices and servers are in the United States, our privacy policy is drafted according to United States law. Because our website can be accessed from outside of the United States, however, by using our site or services you may engage with businesses located outside of the United States that may be subject to less or more restrictive laws regarding the collection and handling of your information.

Before using our website, purchasing goods or services through our online or phone system, or opting into our newsletters or media programs, please read this privacy policy thoroughly. By visiting the website or using our services, you are acknowledging and accepting the information gathering and sharing practices detailed below. You can contact us anytime with any questions, concerns, or comments, or to request further information regarding our privacy policy by writing to: